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Overview of Our Research

Our lab's research spans basic to translational. Our basic research revolves largely around the Toronto Rehab Traumatic Brain Injury Study, a longitudinal, inception cohort study of patients with moderate to severe TBI. Here, we have examined patterns and mechanisms of recovery - and decline - after brain injury, using neuropsychological and clinical psychological assessment tools, and structural and functional MRI. Our lab has led in the understanding of moderate-severe TBI as a neurodegenerative disorder, and our applied research has focused on offsetting declines through: the identification of modifiable, post-injury treatment targets; the development/refinement of assessment tools; the creation of a novel cognitive intervention highly targeted to the hippocampi; the adaptation/validation of tried-and-true cognitive and mental health interventions for remote, group-based delivery in people with cognitive impairments. Our team founded the TeleNeurorehab Centre for Acquired Brain Injury @KITE, where we deliver these interventions across the province of Ontario, free of cost to patients, while conducting research on predictors of lasting treatment response, and develop and test novel treatments. Please see examples of our research organized by category, below.​​

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