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​Please see a sample of some recent publications:
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  1. Green, R.E.A., Monettes, G., Rybkina, J., Dabek, M., Changoor, A., Colella, B. (2023). Moderate-Severe TBI as a Progressive Disorder: Patterns and Predictors of Cognitive Declines in the Chronic Stages of Injury. Journal of Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. Dec; 37 (11-12): 799-809. PMID: 37990972.

  2. Vasilevskaya, A., Martinez-Valbuena, I., Anastassiadis, C., Taghdiri, F., Khodadadi, M., Tarazi, A., Green, R., Colella, B., Wennberg, R., Mikulis, D., Davis, K.D., Kovacs, G., Tator, C., Tartaglia, M.C. (2023). Misfolded alpha-synuclein in cerebrospinal fluid of contact sport athletes. Movement Disorders. Oct 4;  Online ahead of print. PMID: 37792643.

  3. So, I., Meusel, L., Sharma, B., Colella, B., Poublanc, J., Wheeler, A., Rabin, J., Mikulis, D.R., Green, R. (2023)Longitudinal patterns of functional connectivity in moderate-severe traumatic brain injury. Journal of Neurotrauma. Jan 17; Online ahead of print. PMID: 36367163. ​

  4. Meusel, L., Colella, B., Tartaglia, M., Green, R. (2023). Preliminary efficacy and predictors of response to a symptom self-management program for individuals with persistent symptoms after concussion. Brain Injury. July 15; 1-8. PMID: 37452884

  5. Heath, L., Kidwai, M. R., Colella, B., Monette, G., Tselichtchev, P., Tomaszczyk, J., Green, R. (2023). Predictors and functional outcomes associated with longitudinal trajectories of anxiety and depression from 2 to 36+ months after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury. Journal of Neurotrauma. Mar 16; Online ahead of print. PMID: 36927109.

  6. Jacob, N., So, I., Sharma, B., Marzolini, S., Tartaglia, C., Oh, P., Green, R. (2023). Effects of high-intensity interval training protocols on blood lactate levels and cognition in healthy adults: Systematic review and meta-regression. Sports Medicine. Mar 14; Online ahead of print. PMID: 36917435.

  7. Boulos, M.E., Colella, B., Meusel, L.A., Sharma, B., Dabek, M., Worthington, T., Green, R.E.A. (2023). Feasibility of group telerehabilitation for individuals with chronic acquired brain injury: Integrating clinical care and research. Disability and Rehabilitation. Feb 28; Online ahead of print. PMID: 36855274.

  8. Jeffay, E., Ponsford, J., Harnett, A., Janzen, S., Patsakos, E., Douglas, J., Kennedy, M., Kua, A., Teasell, B., Welch-West, P., Bayley, M., Green, R. (2023). INCOG 2.0 Updated Guidelines for Management of Cognition Following TBI Part III: Executive Function. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. Jan-Feb; 38(1):52-64. PMID: 36594859. 

  9. ​How, T. V., Green, R. E. A., & Mihailidis, A. (2023). Towards PPG-based anger detection for emotion regulation. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation. Aug 15; Online ahead of print. PMID: 37582733.

  10. Rozenberg, D., Shore, J., Camacho-Perez, E., Nourouzpour, S., Ibrahim-Masthan, M., Santa-Mina, D., Campos, J. L., Huszti, E., Green, R., Khan, M. H., Lau, A., Gold, D., Stanbrook, M. B., Reid, W. D. (2023). Feasibility of a Home-Based Cognitive-Physical Exercise Program in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Protocol for a Feasibility and Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial. JMIR Research Protocols. Jul 12; 12:e48666. PMID: 37436794.

  11. Dobrowolski, C., Barraclough, M., Su, J., Tanic, M., Bingham, K., Ruttan, L., Beaton, D., Wither, J., Tartaglia, M. C., Sano, M., Kakvan, M., Bonilla, D., Green, R., Touma, Z. (2023). Centrally acting ACE inhibitor (cACEi) and angiotensin receptor blocker (cARB) use and cognitive dysfunction in patients with SLE. Lupus Science & Medicine. Jul; 10(2): e000923. PMID: 37429671.

  12. Dobrowolski, C., McGinley, J., Fazzari, M., Su, J., Bingham, K., Anderson, N., Ruttan, L., Beaton, D., Wither, J., Tartaglia, M. C., Kakvan, M., Bonilla, D., Choi, M., Fritzler, M., Diaz-Martinez, J. P., Katz, P., Green, R., Putterman, C., Touma, Z. (2023). Association of Mycophenolate and Azathioprine use with cognitive function in Systemic Lupus. Rheumatology. May 2; 62(5):1860-1869. PMID: 36135792. 

  13. Barraclough, M.L., Diaz-Martinez, J.P., Knight, A., Bingham, K., Su, J., Kakvan, M., Grajales, C.M., Tartaglia, M.C., Ruttan, L., Wither, J., Choi, M.Y., Bonilla, D., Anderson, N., Appenzeller, S., Parker, B., Katz, P., Beaton, D., Green, R., Bruce, I.N., Touma, Z. (2023). In-person versus virtual administration of the American College of Rheumatology gold standard cognitive battery in systemic lupus erythematosus: Are they interchangeable? Lupus. Apr 10; 32(6): 737-745. PMID: 37036020.

  14. Tayer-Shifman, O. E., Yuen, K., Green, R., Kakvan, M., Katz, P., Bingham, K. S., Diaz-Martinez, J. P., Ruttan, L., Wither, J. E., Tartaglia, M. C., Su, J., Bonilla, D., Choi, M. Y., Appenzeller, S., Barraclough, M., Beaton, D. E., & Touma, Z. (2023). Assessing the Utility of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in Screening for Cognitive Impairment in Patients With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Arthritis care & research, Mar; 75(3): 569–577. PMID: 35724303

  15. Gumus, M., Mack, M., Green, R., Khodadadi, M., Wennberg, R., Crawley, A., Colella, B., Tarazi, A., Mikulis, D., Tator, C., Tartaglia, M.C. (2022). Brain connectivity changes in Postconcussion Syndrome as the neural substrate of a heterogeneous syndrome. Brain Connectivity. Oct 12; 12(8):711-724. PMID: 35018791. 

  16. Mazaharally, M., Stojanovski, S., Trossman, R., Szulc-Lerch, K., Chakravarty, M. M., Colella, B., Glazer, J., E Green*, R., & Wheeler, A. L. (2022). Patterns of change in cortical morphometry following traumatic brain injury in adults. Human brain mapping,  Apr 15; 43(6): 1882-1894. PMID: 34953011. (* = Co-Senior author)

  17. Sihag, S., Naze, S., Taghdiri, F., Gumus, M., Tator, C., Green, R., Colella, B., Blennow, K., Zetterberg, H., Dominguez, L.G., Wennberg, R., Mikulis, D.J., Tartaglia, M.C., Kozloski, J. R. (2022). Functional brain activity constrained by structural connectivity reveals cohort-specific features for serum neurofilament light chain. Communications Medicine. Jan 17; 2(1), 8. PMID: 35603281.

  18. Vasilevskaya, A., Taghdiri, F., Multani, N., Ozzoude, M., Tarazi, A., Khodadadi, M., Wennberg, R., Rusjan, P., Houle, S., Green, R., Colella, B., Blennow, K., Zetterberg, H., Karikari, T., Mikulis, D., Hazrati, L., Kovacs, G. G., Davis, K. D., Tator, C., Tartaglia, M. C. (2022). Investigating the use of plasma pTau181 in retired contact sports athletes. Journal of Neurology. Oct; 269(10): 5582-95. PMID: 35751688. 

  19. Cairncross, M., Gindwani, H., Egbert, A. R., Torres, I., Hutchison, J., Dams-O'Connor, K., Panenka, W., Brubacher, J., Meddings, L., Kwan, L., Yeates, K. O., Green, R., Barlow, K., Esser, M., Winston, B., Wellington, C., Walley, K., Carrion, P., Doan, Q., Stukas, S., Vercauteren, S., Murthy, S., Aquino, A., Lorelei, A., Clarke, D., Davis, A., Colantonio, A., Wheeler, A., Guerguerian, A., Gilfoyle, E., Hazrati, L., Scratch, S. E., Sinopoli, K., Wilson, E., Khosroawshahi, A., Granofsky, G., Fernandes, L., Farrell, C., Lacroix, J., French, M., Poirier , J., Silverberg, N. D. (2022). Criterion validity of the Brief Test of Adult Cognition by Telephone (BTACT) for mild traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury. Sept; 39(10-11);1228-36. PMID: 36099151. 

  20. Yuen, K., Green, R., Bingham, K., Ruttan, L., Lee-Kim, V., Tartaglia, M. C., Anderson, M., Zandy, M., Choi, M. Y., Fritzler, M. J., Wither, J. E., Beaton, D. E., Katz, P., & Touma, Z. (2021). Metrics and definitions used in the assessment of cognitive impairment in systemic lupus erythematosus: A systematic review. Seminars in arthritis and rheumatism, Aug; 51(4), 819–830. PMID: 34157577

  21. Niculescu, I., Quirt, H., Arora, T., Borsook, T., Green, R., Ford, B., Iaboni, A. (2021). Ecological momentary assessment of depression in people with advanced dementia: Longitudinal pilot study. JMIR Aging. Aug 4; 4(3): e29021. PMID: 34346884.

  22. Bingham, K. S., DiazMartinez, J., Green, R., Tartaglia, M. C., Ruttan, L., Su, J., Wither, J. E., Kakvan, M., Anderson, N., Bonilla, D., Choi, M. Y., Fritzler, M. J., Beaton, D. E., Katz, P., & Touma, Z. (2021). Longitudinal relationships between cognitive domains and depression and anxiety symptoms in systemic lupus erythematosus. Seminars in arthritis and rheumatism, 51(6), 1186–1192. PMID: 34607183

  23. Belchev, Z., Gilboa, A., Binns, M., Colella, B., Glazer, J., Mikulis, D.J., Green, R. (2021). Progressive neurodegeneration across chronic stages of severe traumatic brain injury. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. Jun; 37(3):E144-E156. PMID: 34145157. 

  24. Bray, M., Sharma, B., Cottrelle, J., Peters, M., Bayley, M., Green, R. (2021). Hippocampal atrophy is associated with psychotic symptom severity following traumatic brain injury. Brain Communications. Mar 9; 3(2):fcab026. PMID: 3397726. 

  25. Belchev, Z., Boulos, M., Rybkina, J., Johns, K., Jeffay, E., Colella, B., Ozubko, J., Bray, M., Di Genova, N., Levi, A., Changoor, A., Worthington, T., Gilboa, A., Green, R. (2021). Remotely delivered environmental enrichment intervention for traumatic brain injury: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open. Feb 11; 11:e039767. PMID: 33574141.

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